PASS Proces Automation Supervisor System

Pass scada system

<b>Pass</b> scada system

PASS is a Hungarian development that offers versatile solutions beyond regular SCADA systems.



Examples to demonstrate the unique features of the system.

System Integrators

<b>System</b> Integrators

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Areas of application

PASS as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) may be applied for several purposes in industrial and building automation, from low signalling rate data collection systems through production monitoring of manufacturing lines to dispatch centres of complete shop floors. Within the segment of building automation PASS offers solutions for the automation and supervision in the size range between private homes and office buildings.

As clients may have access to the system only through browser, users are able to build complex, yet flexible structures highly adaptive to the local requirements at low investment costs. Latest technologies allow users to satisfy the needs of Industry 4.0 and IoT – the Internet of Things.

Demo videos

Special features

Special features

Unlimited number of clients

Configuration, programming and user application takes place exclusively on the browser. The number of clients is only limited by bandwidth and hardware resources. We use the latest web technologies (HTML5, JQuery…) for operation and display. Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and other advanced browsers are of free choice for the client platform.

Special features

Pre-installed PASS Miniserver 1500

The pre-installed PASS Miniserver 1500 is a Raspberry Pi 3 minicomputer on a DIN rail applicable for industrial or desktop use. The complete PASS with 1500 I/O limit is installed on the Miniserver. After connecting to the network and setting up the appropriate IP range, the system is ready for use. Regardless of the expiry of Miniserver guarantee period, system owner may keep the full PASS license.

Special features

Automatic Remote I/O recognition

During the use of MOXA ioLogik Remote I/O, only IP address must be entered after which the system will automatically query, recognize and establish communication, recognizes the I/O points and sets up the data collection. This process allows the user to set up data collection of 8 analogue measurements within just 1 minute. If the connection is off-line, configuration takes place automatically after the type is selected.

Special features

More than SCADA

PASS – unlike other Scada systems – offers a complete range of controllers. Popular PLC functions as well as mathematical elements, timers and also energy management modules are accessible. Specialized controllers are available for several industrial sectors (buildings, EMS…). Tailor-made programmable controllers may also be installed in case of even more exceptional needs. Existing and individual controllers may be arranged in a structure which enables the user to establish a complete system.




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