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Data security

The Service Provider stores the provided data solely for contacting purposes. The Service Provider shall not disclose the data of the Customer to third parties. When handling the Customer’s data, the Service Provider shall comply at all times with the valid provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information.

Service Provider also declares that it respects the personal and confidential information of visitors and registered users of the site. It manages all data and facts disclosed to it as confidential and uses them solely for the purpose of providing and improving its services, and for its own research and statistics.

The privacy policy of the company is consistent with the valid legislation on data protection.

Personal data may be used

a) with the consent of the data subject, or

b) if it is ordered by law or – based on statutory authorisation, in the scope defined in it – by the order of the local government for a purpose of public interest (hereinafter referred to compulsory data handling).

Personal data may also be handled if it is impossible to acquire a subject’s consent or it would incur disproportionate costs and the handling of personal data is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligation to which the data handler is subject, or for the purpose of realizing a legitimate interest of the data handler or a third person, and the realisation of this interest is proportional to the limitation of the right related to the protection of personal data.

Personal data may solely be handled for a specific purpose, for exercising a right and for fulfilling an obligation. In all stages of the data handling, the data shall be handled in accordance with the purpose of the management, and the data shall be handled in a fair and lawful manner. Only such personal data may be handled that are essential for the purpose of the handling and if they are suitable for that purpose. Personal data may only be used to the extent and duration necessary for the purpose.

 By registering on our website and subscribing to our newsletter you give us your consent to use your data for the below purposes:

* keeping contact with you,

* providing regular information via our newsletters,

* direct marketing,

* market research

The Service Provider only records such personal data that the user provides voluntarily. It is possible to comment the articles on the site, also by providing personal data voluntarily. The user’s personal data are stored in the Service Provider’s database.

If your rights concerning the management of your personal data are violated despite your objection, you have the following opportunities for remedy:

You may request information on the management of your personal information and request correction, deletion or blocking of your personal information.

Upon your request, we will inform you on your data handled by us or processed by a contractor employed by us, the source of the data, the purpose and legal basis and duration of the data handling, the name and address (registered office) of the processor and its activities related to the handling of the data, as well as on who and for what purpose are receiving or have received the data. We provide the above information in writing, with a comprehensible wording, in the shortest time from the submission of the application, but within 30 days the latest.

Your personal data will be deleted if they are used unlawfully, if you request it, if the purpose of their collection has ceased, if the time limit established by law for the storage of the data has expired, if the data is incomplete or incorrect and the problem cannot be resolved in a lawful manner, or if the court or the Authority has ordered them to be deleted. 

We will notify you of the correction and deletion of the data, along with everybody who has received the data for data handling. Such notification may be omitted if such omission is not in violation of the legitimate interest of the data subject regarding the purpose of the data handling.

You may object to the handling of your personal data, if

a) the handling (transfer) of personal data is necessary for the sole purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations of the data handler, for the legitimate interest of a third person, except for compulsory data handling

b) the personal data is used or transmitted for the purposes of direct marketing, opinion polls or scientific research;

c) law otherwise permits to exercise your right of objection. 

The Data Handler shall suspend the handling of your data and investigate the objection in the shortest time possible after the application, but not later than 15 days and inform you in writing on the results of the investigation. If the objection is justified, we will terminate the data handling – including further data collection and data transmission –, block access to the data and notify those to whom we have previously disclosed the data, and who are obliged to take action to implement the right of objection.




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